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Follow me est le thème de la Team Rose dans Sonic Heroes. Il est probablement chanté du point de vue d'Amy pour Sonic.

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Anywhere you wanna go,

Anything you need to know,

All the best in life, I want to get it for you.

Baby I just feel so fine,

I imagine that you're mine,

In my world you're gold, I only wanna protect you.

Whatever I want, I get, Iwant, a shooting star;

Whatever I need, I have, when I'm with you.

(Refrain:) Follow me inside, outside,

Through the stratosphere,

The moon is shining for you,

It knows that I adore you.

Suddenly all the, sadness,

Will just slip away,

And you will see what I mean,

If you follow me in my dreams!

I was searching, everywhere,

Suddenly I saw you there,

And my love arrived, just in the nick of time.

Life floats on a movie screen,

You're the star of my scene,

You live on the edge of a knife, larger than life.

Whatever I want, I get, No one can take your place,

Whatever I need, I have, when I see your face;


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